Day 2 Calais to Arras

After the excitement of day 1, we left Calais on day 2, to be met with wind and ominous grey skies. Although I was still excited, the preparation for the trip and the long day the day before had left me feeling tired.

The great thing about an organised trip is that you don’t have to worry about which way to go. The orange arrowsum implytold us when to turn right or left. And having people to chat to really breaks the day up.

One lad took a fall and got a large cut on his knee but otherwise everyone survived. But I couldn’t say that the second day was fun. At lunch the rain started, and it got cold and miserable. I skipped the last water stop because I wanted to get to the hotel in Arras.

After arriving, the sun came out. Typical. Well, at least we got to have a look around the pretty French town which saw a lot of action in world war I. And enjoy a beer before dinner!
Total so far 258km