Day 4 Compiegne to Paris

I was too excited to sleep and woke up at 5am. Leaving the hotel at 7am, I found it was cold and very windy. I knew we only had 60 miles to do so I wanted to get a move on. It was just 8am when I arrived at the chateau at Raray for the first water stop. It was a great day for cycling, and the countryside outside Paris was fantastic. As the route was well laid out, we rarely encountered traffic. I arrived early for Lunch too. Peter Hansford kindly bought me a coffee and we chatted with his daughter Charlotte about my trip and his friends and his dogs, the last one was a chocolate labrador which also doubled as a waste disposal unit. After lunch there were only 2 climbs and the rest of the way into Paris was mostly flat or downhill. The outskirts of Paris was the first time a driver beeped at me for turning left. The idiot then raced off spurting exhaust fumes at us. I pulled in front of him at the next lights and gave him a little wave.

Battling the traffic meant that some people were slow arriving into Paris. So after a lie down in the park, and an ice cream, we rolled on to the arc de triomph and the Eiffel tower later than expected but jubilant.
495km so far