Tuesday 18 June Mennecy to Beaugency

130 km today. 719km so far

I set off at 8am this morning and cycled to Etampes where I met a couple who must be in their sixties who had the same bikes as me and as many bags as me. They were travelling to Avignon and had left their son to run their business while they took seven weeks off to cycle across France. They were amazed that I could buy a Koga bike in England. Anyway, they assured me that my bike was an absolute dream machine. They also told me about a campsite I didn’t find. Oh well.

After Etampes, the road was long and straight, and lined with not a lot. Poppy-edged fields, a few houses, trees, and miles and miles of road with the sun beating down. I couldn’t find anywhere to get lunch or water.

After 60k I started to fade, and at 90k I was worried. But I found a boulangerie and stocked up with a panini, water and sweets. And later a McDonald’s! I inhaled my coke and rolled into orleans.
Orleans had a beautiful catedral (see Photos below) but I kept going.

The last 40km along the Loire were great and I found a campsite in Beaugency which costs 3.45 euros per night. I met a great guy called Guilaume Elie who is another keen cycle tourist. And he bought me a huge beer…Friends for life 😉
And I even managed to put my tent up with no problem. 🙂