19-20 June Beaugency-St Gaulthier

I was heading from Beaugency ( near Orleans) to Chambord and then Tours. But i diverted my course after Chambord and headed south towards Vierzon to meet up with Ahmed who is cycling to take a bottle of water to the Sahara.

I caught up with him by Theillay and got as far as st Chatres sur Cher (110km) where we found a fantastic campsite by the river. Cheap as chips – it was 6 euros for two of us. But no wifi so no way to update anyone.

And Ahmed, or ‘Ahmed the magnificent’ as I should refer to him, dumped his tent because it was too heavy and he prefers to sleep outside.

Today, we got up and made our way south. Ahmed’s rear pannier looked like it was covered in mud. But on closer inspection it was chocolate dessert from the pocket of his panniers. His wheel had been rubbing on the bag and had split the bag open. The chain was also rubbing on the front of the bag and tearing a hole in it. And of course this was also making it harder for him to cycle. So I used a bungee cord which he had on his bike to go around his bag and tied it up so it didn’t touch the wheel or the chain. Sadly it was too late to save the chocolate dessert.

We got to St Gaulthier listening to 80s powerballads. (92km)
911km so far.

I am in my tent and Ahmed is lying under a tree. It is raining but he refuses to sleep in the tent!!! Too tired to argue…