22 June Confolens to Chalais

119km of hills and headwind. We got to Angouleme which is like a city in the sky. I was exhausted when I got to the top.

I must admit that the French, probably due to their love of bicycles, are far more kind on the roads. We are always getting beeped at to encourage us. Sometimes it is clearly to tell us to move out of the way but you can tell people are generally supportive. Some put their thumbs up as they go past. So well done the French. British drivers, please take note. Merci beaucoup a les francais!!

This area of France is full of British people. Some lovely Brits pointed the way to a B&B tonight.

I must admit I pushed my bike, Silver, up so many hills today that she may not want me to ride her anymore.

1145km so far.