23 June Chalais to Bordeaux

90km today and we are in Bordeaux and I learnt a few things.

Leaving Chalais this morning having not been able to find a camping site last night it seemed that every town had a campsite. Oh well…. I learnt I should keep going when I feel like quitting.

Then I lost a nut. I don’t know when my nut fell off but it meant that I was lopsided and it was causing a lot of rubbing and was slowing me down. So we stopped and Ahmed lent me one of his and everything was fine after I had attached it. We got going and I was flying after that. I learnt to always have a spare nut.

(the nut was on one side of the pannier rack by the way)

Ahmed was going slow and his left knee was damaged. And then I thought something was odd because I got to the top of a hill and he was walking up it. He hadn’t given in to the pain, but his gear cable had snapped. I had a spare anReese replaced the cable. I learning to be a real bike mechanic!

Tomorrow will be a well earned day off and I hope to learn a little about the city and its wine!

1245km so far