25 June Bordeaux to Castets

After a day off in Bordeaux yesterday, (went to the hospital to get more vaccination jabs, ate, drank red wine, celebrated Ahmed’s birthday, chilled out and sat in the sun), we got back on the bikes today.

The morning was a lot of faffing about, buying food, and trying to find our way out of Bordeaux. It was mid-day and we had only done 20km.

And then we hit the D1010. Flat, straight, and long. And the sun was out, and the wind was low. We blasted 60 km out in just over 2 hours and we realized it was going to be no problem getting to our target campsite in Castets.

Although we did a few extra km, because the signposts weren’t always great, a total of 145km is the biggest day so far, and also, weirdly, the easiest.

1290km so far.

I am writing this at the municipal campsite in Castets, lying on the grass next to my tent. I’m showered, fed, and, well, frankly feeling quite smug.

I am also very very excited. Tomorrow I will be in Spain in San Sebastian in Pais Basco. (Basque country). It will be country number 3. But also I love Spain and I can’t wait.