26 June Castets to San Sebastián

I am in Spain! And another 117km ticked off! 1407km so far

From Castets, it was a flat road, mostly running alongside the motorway, and with no wind, and lots of sun, the last few kilometres of France were very pleasant.

We reached Bayonne and the hills started again. Then going along the coastal roads into Biarritz it was just climbing and dropping down to the next climb. But the sight of the sea and the coastline made it all worth it.

Entering Spain wasn’t the big event we had hoped for. There was no “welcome to Spain” sign, probably because the Basque country doesn’t consider itself a part of Spain.

AndThe last 30km were awful. There seemed no other way into San Sebastian than a very busy road, which eventually became a motorway. The sun was burning down and we ground our way up slopes and through tunnels and cars beeping at us to helpfully remind us that motorways are not ideal for bicycles.

I came off the motorway as soon as I could, and found an alternative route. My friend Ahmed the magnificent (or Madman) veered into the middle lane following the signs to San Sebastian.

A nice mountain biker chatted with me in Spanish about my trip and pointed me in the right direction. I arrived at the beach where Ahmed found me. After a celebration photo, Ahmed and I cycled along the very pleasant cycle paths along the beach and port. It seems the Spanish have paid attention to cyclists within towns but forgotten that some of us like to cycle between towns. I have vowed to never follow tge roadsigns in Spain as they are for cars, not bicycles. I will be following my map and gps.

I said goodbye to Ahmed who was going to sleep on the beach and then cycle to Morrocco to deliver a bottle of water to the Sahara. Find out more about his trip by going to Facebook and searching for “the waterboy express”.

London to San Sebastian done. Now for the tour of Spain. Things are definitely heating up 🙂