29 & 30 June Lazy weekend in Bilbao

I am having a lazy weekend in Bilbao. I spent most of Saturday at the Guggenheim which is the main attraction in Bilbao. An amazing building designed by Frank Gehry, which is a free form design but looks part boat, part fish, part spaceship houses 3 floors of modern and traditional art. I also learnt some art history and the dangers of mixing politics and art during world war II.
The city is a beautiful place where you can take a walk along the river and and stop for beer or ice cream, or wander around the parks.
There’s not a lot more to do but if you are happy too spend a few days here, it’s well worth it.

Bilbao is in the Basque country and they call it Euskadi. I have managed with my Spanish quite easily but it’s nice to use some local words. Here are some phrases:

Bai = Yes
Ez = No
Kaixo! = Hello
Agur! = Goodbye!
Ikusi arte = See you!
Eskerrik asko! = Thank you!
Egun on = Good morning (literally: Good day)
Egun on, bai = Standard reply to Egun on
Arratsalde on = Good evening
Gabon = Good night
Mesedez = Please
Barkatu = Excuse (me)
Aizu! = Listen! (To get someone’s attention, not very polite, to be used with friends)
Kafe hutsa nahi nuke = Can I have a coffee?
Kafe ebakia nahi nuke = Can I have a macchiato?
Kafesnea nahi nuke = Can I have a café latte?
Garagardoa nahi nuke = Can I have a beer?
Komunak = Toilets
Komuna, non dago? = Where are the toilets?
Non dago tren-geltokia? = Where is the train station?
Non dago autobus-geltokia? = Where is the bus station?
Ba al da hotelik hemen inguruan? = Where is the (nearest, only) hotel?
Zorionak = Happy holidays (During Christmas and new year’s), congratulations
Ez dakit euskaraz= I do not speak Basque
Ba al dakizu ingelesez?= Do you speak English?
Nongoa zara? = Where are you from?
Non dago…? = Where is…?
Badakizu euskaraz? = Do you speak Basque?
Bai ote? = Really?
Topa! = Cheers!
Hementxe! = Over / right here!
Geldi!= Stop
Lasai= Take it easy
Ez dut nahi= I do not want

I’m going to Pamplona by bus this time as I am going back on myself. I will start cycling again in a week’s time, and will be going along the Camino de Santiago 🙂 Should be hilly!