1-7 July San Fermin in Pamplona!

Wow San Fermin is crazy!
It’s now the end of the week and I am recovering from the craziest fiesta I have ever been to. It starts on 6th July at 12 mid-day in the Ayutamiento where the “chupinazo” signals the start of the festivities. Everyone is all in white and wearing a red Fajon around their waists, drinking cava and Sangria. And going insane. The drinks are thrown over everyone and people throw water from the balconies. There are thousands if people and most are soaked in wine. The preferred drink is Calimocho (red wine and coke) with ice. But beer, whiskey, mojitos, or whatever are fine too. And we drank everything. At 12, everyone holds their pañuelos in the air and then after the fireworks we tied the panuelos around our necks. And the rest of the day is a huge party. The streets are full of people dancing and throwing drinks. And shouting at the balconies to throw water on them. We were dancing on the seats in a bar and it was like a busy club at 2am but it was only 2 in the afternoon. I recommend buying a bottle of coke, and a carton of red wine and a bag of ice for 6 euros from the kiosks.
Also for lunch we were lucky to be taken to a Peña (private club) by Juanma and Gogo who we were staying with. This was the “Pena Navarros del Barca”, the Navarra club for Barcelona football fans! It was a welcome break from the chaos and the food was awesome. We went back to party in the streets until midnight. Paola and I found a group playing salsa music so we danced some salsa and bachata before calling it a night and heading to catch the bus home.
I didn’t wake up in time to run with the bulls (the encierro) at 7am but I think my parents will be relieved.
Tomorrow I get back on the bike and start cycling again!

*note: the first video was recorded at 11.30, not 12.30. What I said on the video doesn’t make sense.

At the start of the week………..
I caught a bus from Bilbao to Pamplona. I realise I’m putting myself up for some criticism here but it wasn’t part of my tour of Spain and I was going back on myself.
The bus company insisted that the bike was wrapped up so I bought some tape from a Ferretaria (hardware store) and asked for Cajas de carton (cardboard boxes) at the supermarket. Wrapping silver up was kind of sad.
But we were in Pamplona after just 2 hours.

I tasted some of the local drink, Pacharán which is a liquor with sloe and aniseed, but it’s smooth and easy to drink.

I think I’m going to like Pamplona. I am staying for San Fermin, (the running of the bulls).

Now they have told me that San Fermin is really going to be “una fiesta loca” (a crazy party) this year. Because it falls on a weekend. And I am going to be drunk whether I like it or not. The drink is “calimocho”, a mix of red wine and coke. Oh holy c**p. You know I will probably drink it. But really? Coke and wine? Apparently they stay up partying all of Saturday night and run with the bulls on Sunday morning. Good thing I’m not cycling on Monday. Oh. I am.