8 July Pamplona to Logrono

100km today in the searing heat. But I arrived in Logrono at 4pm and not feeling too bad. 1627km so far.
I took the NA 111 road which has the nice little Camino signs along most of it and friendly people also added some yellow arrows just in case. It was up and down all the way but the hills were never too painful. It’s a popular route and I saw lots of walkers and cyclists.
I met was a 67 year old Danish guy who had cycled from the north of Denmark. I hope I will be able to do this stuff at 67. He was rightly proud of himself.
After a few climbs I was feeling a bit tired but then a combine harvester overtook me just as we hit a slight decline. I drafted closely behind him at about 40km per hour for about half an hour. Apart from the hay flying into my face it was great fun, and at one point we hit a steeper downhill section and I passed him going about 60km per hour.
The views all day were amazing and there were the cutest little villages. I didn’t stop but it was great to be able to take in the views and at some points there were no cars for miles and I felt like I was all alone. It was very peaceful and reminded me of one of the reasons for doing this. Just to be there and feel completely chilled, even though I was sweating like crazy, was fantastic.