12 July Aguilar de Campoo to Santander




Today was awesome. The first 40km to Reinosa along the N611 with Pablo and his dog, Hippy was up and down but not hard at all. And I didn’t need to go fast because we left quite early. After stopping for a bite to eat we parted company as I was heading towards Santander and Pablo was going to Colombres.

From Reinosa there was a 9.5% descent. Silver flew down this getting up to 60km ph and this went on for km after km. I started to worry that it would turn into a massive climb but this time what went down did not come back up.
I just freewheeled for miles. It was so easy I had to smile. I think I even shouted “Woooohooooo” at one point. Sooo much fun.

The last 30km to Santander were a bit of a grind, with some killer hills at the end.
But what a great day.

115km today. 1944 km so far.