13 July Santander to Llanes

92km. A LOT of hills.

I also did a bit of salsa dancing.

And fell off the bike for the first time.

I cycled from the region of Cantabria to Asturias, both very pretty and on the coast. But that means hills as well as better views.

I left Santander the same way that I came in, and got back onto the N611 heading west this time.
It wasn’t too hot and I made good progress. It’s still a “Camino” route but I saw much fewer walkers.
At Barreda, I turned onto the C131 via Santillana del Mar, where there was a monastery. Beautiful place and worth stopping there. but i didn’t.

It was quite amusing that a guy who was Spanish asked me for directions. I answered in Spanish and pointed him in the right direction for Santiago.

I went past a nice beach at Comillas and through a Parque Natural which made me feel like I was in Scotland. The town of San Vincente was lovely. I stopped at the bridge to take some photos.

It got a bit hotter later in the afternoon as I approached Colombres. Pablo had told me that it was right next to Unquera. He hadn’t told me it was at the top of a huge hill!!! I arrived at the top in a ball of sweat! But I was in Asturias and glad to have made it there.

There was a big fiesta in Colombres that night. The whole village were celebrating the “Indianas” who were the people that had gone to South America, and had come back rich and built big houses. There was Latin music and food from Mexico and mojitos from Cuba. Pablo poured us some Sidra, with a straight arm which is the way they do it here. It was really good cider, and it’s the typical drink of Asturias so I couldn’t refuse. Paola and I danced Salsa for about half an hour.

Then Pablo, his friend Alejandro, and I cycled to Llanes. On the way, they took me along the coastal path where there were huge holes formed by the sea eroding the porous rock. They explained that when the tide was high, the sea moves under the rock and pushes the water through the holes creating a huge geyser. I didn’t see that happen but it was still impressive.

The path became less easy and with more and more gravel. As I was coming down a slope , the path turned and Silver lost grip on the gravel and slipped sideways. It wasn’t a bad fall and I didn’t have a scratch on me, but I was glad when we were back onto a normal road.

That night we ate Pizza in Llanes, and slept in a disused building next to the fire station. It was my first night sleeping “rough” but in the morning, we used the showers at the fire station. So i was clean and well rested as we headed towards Gijon.

2036km so far