14 July Llanes to Gijon

Sunday was the last day of cycling with Pablo. He had cycled with his dog from Germany but it was his last day as he was approaching Gijon, his home town.
We left the fire station in the morning, and stopped for a photo of the house where they filmed “the others” starring Nicole Kidman. We also stopped for a photo at a place called Poo.
We passed a lot of houses with wooden Structures outside that looked a bit like a treehouse on stilts. They were actually for storing grain and the legs were there so that the mice couldn’t climb up and get in. I also learnt that the big houses that were in the style of a big plantation house were built when the “Indianas” came back from South America. They were easy to spot because they had a palm tree planted outside.
We went off the main road for a while and after some impossible paths of rocks and stones, we arrived at the next “surprise”, La Playa de Gulpiyuri. It’s the smallest beach in the world and an “internal beach”. Basically the sea comes up through a hole and over the years, it has eroded enough rock to create a nice sandy beach. People were actually sunbathing. Neither I nor hippie the dog could resist a dip in the water.

At Ribadesella, we met up with Maria who joined us to cycle the hills to Gijon.

And then my chain broke. Quite a surprise but the gravel paths earlier and the weight of my bike probably put a lot of strain on the chain. We fixed it after a lot of sweating and a lot of help and advice from other cyclists. I attached a link which just clicks into place. But I lost 3 links so I knew I would need to replace the chain in Gijon.

When we arrived in Gijon, Pablo had a big welcoming committee so I went to look for Paola who had been waiting for me all day. There were 3 beaches and the name of the beach was different from the name Pablo had told me, so it was a bit confusing but we eventually managed to find each other.

We then went to a party for Pablo’s charity at the aquarium which included singing the local Asturius song with an all male voice choir. Pablo got me to go and join in and I did the very best I could. Apparently it’s what they sing when drunk so I am sure I sounded just fine. We then went to a bar that Pablo’s girlfriend works in. And drank the night away. The last thing I remember was a big pink drink. But it might have been blue. It’s all a little blurry.


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