18 July Foz to A Coruña

142km and my biggest day yet.
I headed south from Foz to Coruna on the N634 which I thought would be easier than sticking to the coast.
Oh my word. The first 30km were all uphill. Impressed trucks were beeping at me around the road near Mondeñedo which seemed to climb forever. When I got to the top I was in the clouds and had to put on clothes as I was actually cold.
After Abadin it got easier. Undulating, but straight. In fact quite boring and I put music on. My thanks to Muse for getting me through the next 40km. I stopped for yoghurt and muesli and to rest, feeling a lot better about progress. I had done 70km by 1pm which wasn’t too bad.
Then it started to get very hot. I could feel the heat burning into my skin. I stopped where i could to get ice and water but it made me wonder what I would do in Africa where there might be nothing for miles.
At Baamonde, I reached the N-VI which goes west to A Coruña. It was a bit confusing when I got closer. My friend Lorena who I worked with at Inditex, had sent me directions to a camping site in Santa Cruz de Oleiros just outside A Coruña and Paola was already there.
I followed the GPS which took me up some hills (just to finish me off properly) and I arrived exhausted and sweaty but glad I had done a proper day of cycling.
Luckily Lorena actually saw me arrive as she arrived back from work! She showed us her village and the beautiful bay and castle and took us for a drink. She even paid for us to camp for 2 nights at a lovely campsite called Los Manzanos. A good day all round. Tomorrow will be a well earned day off 🙂
2449km so far.