22 July Santiago de la Compostela to Portugal!

22 July Santiago to Portugal
121km and 2631 so far
At 2pm I said goodbye to my new friends in Santiago and Paola, who was catching the train to Madrid. It was a few days later that she told me about a huge train crash at Santiago that killed 77 people. Life can be so random. I am just glad she was on a different train on a different day.
I left in the afternoon and wondered if I had blown my chances of reaching Portugal that day but fortunately it wasn’t so hilly. I had 3 hills which were 6% and 7% as i came out of Santiago but the first 30km was mostly downhill. I followed the N550 down the coast, and it was a day of nice views and it was not too hot so I was quite comfortable all the way down to Portugal. Just before Portugal I stopped at Tui because it looked interesting. A medieval town on top of the hill, and it had those tiny winding streets. Definitely worth a look and I got a few funny looks too.
The offer of an Albergue was very tempting but I just wanted to get to Portugal. After I crossed the bridge, and took the obligatory photo, the sun went down. I had nowhere to sleep. I thought there might be camping but I found an area of ground under a motorway bridge that didnt seem to belong to anyone and set up camp. The ground was hard and i struggled to get the tent pegs into the ground. A d there were dogs barking and the sound of cars passing overhead. but I poured some wine, ate some cheese and ham and went to sleep. I was awake every hour on the hour. It was the first time I had slept “wild” and I was alone. It was a bit scary. But also I had a sense of freedom and a sense that I was having an adventure. It was silly and a bit dangerous. But Exhilarating. And dirty and a bit smelly.
Further down the coast is Caminha which means “little bed”. I guess I should have slept there.