24 July Porto to Resende

24 July 108km. 2864 so far
Got up late. I went North along the beach and then past a fishing area along the coast to the Beautiful river Duoro. Where I followed it East, back towards Spain.
In the area of Gaia, I went onto a lovely cycle path along the river until I reached stairs at the end. I stopped at a bar on the river which reminded me of being on a boat, or at the chiringuitos at the beach in Barcelona. The owner was impressed that I was cycling at all, and thought the route along the river would get too tough. While I was looking for a way to the road, I met a great guy called Tomas. He was with his wife and kids. He spoke to me in english and was very excited about what I was doing. He had been a keen cyclist and had done trips himself around the area. He gave me a map and put me in touch with a friend of his. He offered me a place to stay if I could get to Miranda do Douro by Thursday. I said ok.
I said goodbye to my new friend. I had only done 20km and I was behind schedule. Then I had a puncture. I ran my finger inside the tyre and felt something sharp. It was a tiny sliver of metal like a staple. I pulled it out with tweezers and repaired the tube. It was as good as new. Then there was quite a lot of climbing but the views were amazing. When I arrived at Resende, it was getting dark. I looked for camping and there wasn’t any and it was really difficult to find space near the road.Just houses or just a ledge by a sheer drop. I didn’t fancy that. I eventually found a place which had tall grass and was hidden from the road behind a mound.
108km was not as far as I had hoped and left a lot to do the next day but I didn’t think I would sleep much and Tomorrow I would start early. How right I was.