Wed 7 August Adra to Sorbas

130km today (why do I always end up doing more than it says on the map!!!?)
4245km so far

I left Adra at 10am and headed East, along the coast. It was quite flat and I followed the coastal roads down towards Almerimar. I was still quite sleepy from the late arrival the night before, but enjoying the flatter route. it didn’t last long of course.

At the end of Almerimar I went along the beach but at the end, there was no way to continue. It was a dead end. So I knew I would be adding extra unecessary distance. I doubled back and climbed a hill to get back to the main road, where I then chose a minor road to continue. The road wound it’s way through mile after mile of white plastic greenhouses or “cultivos” where they grow tomatoes and grapes. The plastic tents made the route very ugly, and grubby but I it can’t all be beautiful mountains and coastline can it?
At the beautifully named Aguadulce “sweet water” I had a puncture. I was in the middle of town, and mended the puncture on the narrow pavement, with people squeezing past me. I apologized each time. Very British.
A man broke down in his car and pulled up alongside me. He seemed to be struggling, but I didn’t have any tools for cars, only for bikes. I fixed the bike and got back on the road. I wished him “buena suerte” (good luck), but I don’t know if he appreciated it.
I met up with Paola in Almeria for lunch. We found an American diner with wifi and they offered free refills on Pepsi. Awesome. I think I drank 6 or 7. I also ate pasta and chicken. It was too much really and I felt sick for a few hours afterwards.
Also it got very very hot. I was heading North on the N340 towards a town called Sorbas. Hotels on the coast were fully booked, and it seemed a good midpoint on the way to Murcia. I found that there were a lot of hills, and the region is the Sierra Almería, a desert with rolling hills, caves and canyons. My first official desert !!! I felt very John Wayne.

And as I approached Tabernas, there were film studios where they film Westerns. One was called Mini-Hollywood and another was called Fort Bravo, Texas Hollywood. They had little cowboy towns and wig-wams. Brilliant.
The new Lone Ranger film comes out in Spain on 21 August. They call it “llanero solitario” here. Well I felt very much like a Lone Ranger, on my horse, Silver, and instead of Tonto, with a GPS. I took a few photos and rode towards Sorbas to say Howdy ma’am to Paola.
It was 8pm and I rolled into Sorbas, where we chatted and I drank a big batido (milkshake). We went for dinner at the saloon over the road and went to sleep early.