13 August Moraira, Alicante to El Puig, Valencia

4581km so far
I have to start this blog with a big thankyou to both Gizela and Annie for letting us stay in their villas in Javea and Moraira. Thankyou for your hospitality, generosity, and for your company. It was an amazingly relaxing break from all the rushing around. I owe you both…big time.

So back to cycling! I started from Moraira, and a 9% climb at Benitaxell was the only hill that I climbed the whole day. It was hot but not as hot as it had been the previous week. And I was enjoying the opportunity to do some fast cycling (25-35kph).

After Javea, I saw a girl standing by the road in a pink bikini. She looked like she was waiting for somebody. Then there was another one in what looked like her underwear. Well it is very hot I thought. I counted 8 in total along that road, and they all smiled and waved as the cars went past. How very friendly they are in Spain!

The N332 was completely flat all the way to Valencia. And with some cloud, and not much more than a light breeze, the cycling was easy. I put the headphones on and smashed through the miles.

Just before Valencia, there is 30km of “parque natural” so I took a detour to see if I could get some nice scenery. It was mostly wetlands with the occasional Ibis. Not quite as interesting as I had expected, but at least it was still flat. After a little while, I realized that a guy had latched on to the back of me. But I didn’t mind. I would have done the same. I kept pushing it and sticking on 28-30km per hour. I even pointed out that there was a hole and to avoid it. When he eventually pulled up next to me, he asked me where I had come from. (De donde vienes?) I said Moraira and he asked do the bags weigh much? (Pesa mucho?) I said about 25 kilos. He said “piernas fuertes” (strong legs). He said he had done 90km but was destroyed. I was glad to have helped. His name is Jesus, and he works for the government in Valencia. Not an easy task when you consider the last government spent all the money on the Arts and Science park. Which he says will never recoup the money they spent. I said I love the buildings, and I meant it. They are out of this world.
He cycled with me to Pinedo and offered to buy me a drink “Te invito”. We had beer con Limon… Well I only had 15km more to do.
Jesus led me through Valencia to find Paola, and we had a few drinks in Valencia before I cycled to El Puig, a small town in the suburbs of Valencia. It is famous for its 13th century monastery, which I thought looked like a rather splendid prison. I was only interested in finding food.
A nice lady in a bar cooked me a “huevos rotos” which is eggs on bacon on foie on potatoes. Brilliant.
There was a fiesta that night at 12 but I didn’t last that long. Cycling a lot makes you very sleepy….!