14 Aug El Puig Valencia to Sant Carles de la Rapita

4757km so far
I realized that although the days were flatter, I was still burning a lot of calories and tiring myself out. The hotel had a buffet breakfast so I filled my boots. I left the hotel at around 10.30 after chatting with a local who had done the Camino de Santiago by bike.
I mostly rode on the N340 via Puçol and I found it amusing that they made a lot of effort to paint the side of the road red and then put in a separate bicycle lane but it kind of gets to a bit where the road turns into a motorway and you get the bicycles not allowed sign without the slightest indication of where cyclists should go. Uh….could you highways people talk to each other?!? Por favor?!?
Well it wasn’t so bad. I went on the CV18 through Nules and stopped for lunch in Burriana. At Benicassim, I reached the beach but they do not allow anyone to ride a bicycle along the promenade next to the beach. I walked for a while and took some photos but thought how ridiculous it was.

So I got back on the road and headed back to the N340. There was quite a steep climb coming away from the coast near Torre Bellver. I went past Orpesa and Torreblanco before another hill as you climb up before Peniscola. I am very tempted to make up some immature joke but I think you can do your own. Needless to say I didn’t stop there for a drink. After Benicarlo, the N340 goes back towards the coast. It was straight and flatthe rest of the way to Sant Carles de la Rapita.

There are some nice little cafes and bars by the port and we enjoyed some tapas under the stars before going to sleep. The guesthouse wasn’t great and the room was very warm, but there isn’t a lot of availability along the coast in July and August.20130816-154017.jpg