9-10 Sept Frejus, France to Savona, Italy

129km yesterday
119 km today

6120km so far

What can I say about the last 2 days apart from they were amazing? Beautiful beaches, hills and coves. Red hillsides before Cannes and then a long stretch of sand, the ports with their expensive yachts. I actually liked the town of Eze just before Monaco. Very pretty. Monaco itself was an ugly mess of roads through tunnels, casinos and hotels.

This morning I saw the most fashionable packs of cyclists, Vespas, little vans with 3 wheels, angry drivers doing that funny sign with their hands like they are pinching an invisible bottom. I knew I was in Italy.

The French Riviera or the Italian riviera? Which is best? Both are fantastic.

A lovely Dutch couple, Pete and Anya, who had invited me for a coffee by their tent this morning shouted at me to get off the road as I passed them in the traffic queue just after Latte where I had camped for the night.
They had been boyfriend/girlfriend at 16 but had split up, got married to other people, had kids, and got divorced. But 33 years later, they met again via Facebook. Pete said the photos on Facebook helped because she looked like she had “dried up well”. They are another example of why I love the Dutch.

From San Remo to San Lorenzo there was probably the best cycling path in the world. I hitched a lift behind a pack of cyclists (cycled behind them and gaining the advantage of drafting) for about 15 mins. At 40kph I was always going to lose them but I hung on in there and enjoyed the ride for those 15 mins. Then after they had gone, the path went on for so long that It helped me to keep a great pace, around 30kph. It even had its own tunnels. So it was like being on a fast flat road with no traffic, and no traffic lights. Incredible.

There were some hills today but generally sticking to the coast I found flat roads and wonderful views. I had a look around the town of Noli which has some interesting medievil streets before the light started to dim and I found a campsite at Savona.

Frejus to Savona. Make a note. And when you can, take a few days off and bring a bike. One day I will come back here to enjoy it with somebody. And maybe a group of friends with road bikes. Anyone fancy it, let me know. And don’t worry. There are tons of campsites, so you won’t need to sleep in the woods 🙂