9-13 Oct Italy to Croatia

Boy I’m tired but I’m thrilled to be able to say I have reached country number 7. (France, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia).

I just found a cafe called “cafe bicicletta” in Rijeka, Croatia so it seems a good time to post an update.

It has been raining like crazy for the past few days and it also got a lot colder so I am glad to be on the journey South and hopefully away from the storms.

This week I have been woken by thunder, heavy rain, and last night at 4am by the snort of an angry stag or Boar. Whatever it was, it scared the bejesus out of me. It sounded like it was just yards away.

The cycling was mostly flat in Italy, but the headwind and storms made the going slow. It was dark at 7pm so I have been cycling less. I have struggled to find wifi and to keep my garmin and iphone charged. So sorry it’s taken a few days but here’s what Silver has covered (she’s still in one piece!):

118km to campsite just south of Padova via Susano, Nagaro, Sanguinetto, Cerea, Legnago, Montagnana. South of Padova, before the hills, I made friends with another cyclist, Vanni who lead me around the hills to a campsite at Abano Terme. Grazie Mille Vanni!!

111km to vineyard at Eraclea via Padova and Venice Mestre.
Venice Mestre was ugly as sin and the SS14 was just one long stretch of unpleasant. I met some funny old guys at a cafe who told me where I could find a 28″ tyre to replace my back tyre. Which I did all by myself! Another wet day and the wind became so strong that bits of tree were falling on me. I was also worried about being blown into a car so I got off the road when I found a huge vineyard to sleep in.

84km to campsite near Trieste
I woke to the sound of thunder. I saw the lightning in the distance and got going. But the headwind made it slow. I also ended up in Pozzi and had to return to Lasitana to take the right road to Trieste. When I saw a campsite I stopped even though I had another couple of hours of light. In the Morning I woke at 6am as the downpour started.

Just 48km to a mountain just past podpec in Slovenia. Everything got soaked again. And it was all mountainous. And very slow. There was simply nowhere to get food or to sleep and I went to bed hungry in the mountain… until the wild animal woke me. Maybe he was hungry too.

75km so far today.
Back on the road at 5am and saw just how rural it was. Little old ruined houses. Farms and mountains. I was still cold from sleeping in wet clothes. And when the sun finally appeared I took my shoes off and lay down to sleep a little more and dry off a bit. And then After an odd border check (the first one since I entered France) where they said there was a problem as I was crossing in the wrong place. At least they let me past without having to cycle back to the other checkpoint! And then more mountains until a long downhill to Matulji.

I found civilization. And a bank (1 euro =7.6 Kuna) and food, in that order.

As the sun was out and I had eaten something I continued along the road to Rijeka. And hopefully I will now do a few more km before getting a better night’s sleep. It is Sunday after all !!!

6909.5km so far.