14-17 Oct Cycling Croatia’s road number 8

I finished the 13th with a further 35km (110km total) to the island of Krk and had a rest day on the 14th.
69km on 15th to a b&b opposite the island of Rab
100.5km on 16th with crazy wind to Starigrad.
Today, the 17th, 110km to Sibenik via Zadar.
All of this has been on route 8 down the coast.

7224km so far (over the 7000km line so that’s good!)

Croatia is beautiful. When it’s not raining or ridiculously windy. Which it has been. With the rain, the wind, and all the mountains, it has been very hard to cover any distance at all. Last night I really should have stayed out of the wind in a hotel but the campsite was open and much cheaper. Well I felt like I was in the middle of a tornado. Sleep? Fat chance. This morning the wind died down and I went back to sleep until 9.30. And didn’t start cycling until 11.30 but I had a day in the sun today and started enjoying riding again.
Often Silver was running along at 30-35km and even the hills were short enough that I found I could keep around 20kph going uphill. It has been a miserable few days but I met a lovely German couple last night who invited me for dinner. It is impossible to refuse such kindness. There was beer and schnapps and beautifully cooked fish. I also got an offer to go to Berlin to try skydiving. Well I will accept that offer at some point for sure!

I am disappointed not to be in Split. I am 40km short. But it’s a marathon not a sprint. The legs are getting stronger, so an early start and good weather should mean I can do more tomorrow.

Goodnight 🙂