18 Oct Sibenik to Makarska

150km today
7374km so far

Today was a lovely day of cycling. The route along route 8 is generally flat, and hugs the coast. I was treated to beautiful views all day. Near Split, it becomes a bit like a motorway but then turns into a nice single lane road again.
It would be good if they had made the road just a bit wider and added a cycle lane. That would have made this a brilliant cycle holiday route. Unfortunately the trucks pass so close that this route would scare the crap out of most traffic wary girlfriends or wives!

There were a few stops to buy food and eat it but other than a chat with a very friendly pair of German Cyclists in Trogir, there was no time for sightseeing. I finally had flat roads, with no wind and no rain, just beautiful sunshine all day. I got down to business and got a lot more covered.

I found I was able to keep moving along today above the 30kph mark when it was flat. Just before Makarska I climbed up slowly to the top of the hill and then cycled in the dark downwards at around 50kph. Fun but not all well lit so I was happy to reach the town quickly!

Thanks to the receptionist in Sibenik for recommending Makarska, a lovely town for walking around and admiring the boats.

Tomorrow, 160km to Dubrovnik!