3 Nov “Nightriding” Thessaloniki to Kavala

8634km so far

After a night of being sick, I hadn’t slept much and I didn’t leave Thessonaliki until 3pm. And I hadn’t eaten anything. I shouldn’t have even started but I just wanted to get going again. And two German friends Pirmin and Sebastian had found a room in Kavala for me.

Following the road East, I went the wrong way. When I realised I looked for the right road and climbed 350m ending up in the aptly named town of Panorama. Oops. Nice view though.

By about 5pm it was dark and I wondered if this was such a good idea.
But after joining road “2” it was then flat and with space to the side of the road so I wasn’t riding in the same lane as the cars. So I ploughed on in the dark and started cranking out the miles.
At 100km I was feeling sleepy but I was pleased I had reached the sea. I couldn’t see it in the dark but I could hear it.

With dogs locked up behind gates and with little or no traffic I was happy to carry on in the dark, and I wanted to complete the 180 km to Kavala. But I realized after 136km that it was 11.30pm and feeling sleepy and losing concentration wasn’t good.

I came off the road and walked in darkness down a track between trees. I could hear the sea getting closer and kept walking until I felt soft sand beneath my feet. I lay my tent on the sand but didnt bother putting it up. I just crawled into my sleeping bag and fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up to the sight of the sea and my own private beach and the sound of birds. I got back on the road and completed the rest of the journey (45km) to Kavala. Fortunately my friends were still at the hotel so I am now enjoying breakfast 🙂