Drinks in Sudan and Ethiopia

In Sudan, like Egypt and Turkey, the main drink is tea or chai. They also have a red drink called Kakadey which is made from hibiscus leaves and can be drunk hot or cold. While cycling we found bottled water, mango juice in bottles, coke, fanta (the strawberry fanta makes your lips and tongue bright pink which my friend found highly amusing).
The coffee is mostly from Ethiopia, and in Ethiopia, the coffee is excellent. Ask for Buná at one of the roadside stalls and you will get a small spiced local coffee which is delicious. The towns often have Italian coffee machines! So you can enjoy a macchiato or cappuccino 🙂

Beer is completely prohibited in Sudan but everywhere in Ethiopia. Our favorite was a brand called St George. I also tried the homemade brew, “Teller”. It is made from cereals and a local plant. The first time was disgusting but the second time I sampled it at a different place, it was very agreeable. I think the second time I tried it, the alcohol content was much higher! So it’s a risk but at about 10p a glass, definitely worth it.