7 March Arusha to Moshi

82km to Moshi (at the foot of Kilimanjiro)

15,427km so far

We have decided to take a less direct route through Tanzania via Korogwe and Mukumi as the route directly South via Dodoma is not fully paved and I do not fancy a repeat of the North of Kenya.

Arusha to Moshi was mostly downhill and quite easy apart from a huge headwind which kept us below 20kph even when descending. Also, the driving is still just as bad in Tanzania as it was in Kenya but many parts of the road have a lane by the side to move into to avoid trucks passing too close or cars overtaking coming towards you. And buses cut you up and stop in front of you. So it wasn’t the easy day I was expecting. But it had its rewards.

The route took us past Kilimanjiro, Africa’s highest peak, at 5,895m, which although it is a dormant volcano is capped with snow all year round. It was an impressive sight and its a shame we don’t have time to climb it on this trip.

We booked ourselves into a dorm at the Kilimanjiro Backpackers hotel, which is cheap but also one of the cleanest places I have stayed in. And breakfast is included in the 9600 TSH price (about £5).

And today we are resting before we cycle to Same tomorrow.

Oh…. And my friend James told me “Swahili was born in Tanzania, murdered in Kenya, and buried in Uganda”. So I am in the right place to learn Swahili 🙂