Cycling Mexico

Well Mexico has certainly been no joy ride, and my daily struggle to go as far as possible has left me physically and mentally exhausted. The steep ups and downs of the coast have also been matched by an emotional rollercoaster, with many moments where I have considered quitting. The heat in the afternoon has been so intense I have made many more stops than normal, to drink and hide in the shade, the hills have left my legs sore and huge storms have cut my evenings short. I have been frustrated at not being able to cover the distances I want to travel. And as usual, the emotional pain has been the worst part. Travel has made me comfortable in my own company so I don’t feel lonely. The distance from my friends and family is something I have coped with, although I often imagine the day when I will see them again. Although as a newly married man, I so badly miss being with my wife, and it’s worse for her. Seeing her sad and struggling over a Skype call has also been intolerable. I’ve been so close to booking a flight home, and only a few things have stopped me.

Firstly I remind myself that this is my dream, and I still can’t imagine being back in a job and not spending my time in a daydream, looking out the window and wondering if I could have finished this incredible journey. And secondly the warmth and generosity of Mexicans has lifted my spirits and again made me believe I am not on a journey by myself. As well as my wife, my family, my friends back home, I have so many new friends in Mexico who have been on this journey with me, supporting me and pushing me on. I’m now a huge fan of Mexicans.

31 Aug: Huixtla 80km
1 Sep: Tres Picos 150km
2 Sep: Juchitan 208km
3 Sep: Juanita’s place (at km337) 105km
4 Sep: Puerto Escondido 194km
6 Sep: Pinotepa Nacional 140km
7 Sep: Marquelia 116km
8 Sep: Barra Vieja 111km
9 Sep: San jeronimo de Juarez 124km
10 Sep: Zihuatenejo 160km
11 Sep: RESTED
12 Sep: Caleta de Campos 164km
13 Sep: Placita de Morales- just stayed in a hotel here after long day of constant steep hills 139km
14 Sep: Cuauhtemoc 126km
15 Sep Mexican Independence Day: Buena vista (30km outside Guadalajara ) 154km
16 Sep: Guadalajara 30km
17 Sep: Tepic 209km
18 Sep: Escuinapa de Hidalgo 181km
19 Sep: Empty Taco Shack outside El Habal (just past Mazatlan) 102km
20 Sep: Culiacan 210km
21 Sep: RESTED

24 Sep: Los Mochis 214km
25 Sep: Navajoa 162km
26 Sep: Cocorit (next to Obregon) 83km
27 Sep: Guaymas 120km
28 Sep: Hermosillo 134km
1 Oct Magdalena 189km
2 Oct : Nogales 90km

3695 in Mexico
5861 in Central America

38,781 so far around the world